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Find out more about the ABSL Summit 2024

ABSL Summit: Transform to thrive celebrates the presentation of scholarships to young talents

The annual ABSL Summit saw the presentation of scholarships to outstanding young talents. This initiative, spearheaded by the ABSL Advisory Council in collaboration with Fundusz Stypendialny Talenty, marks its second consecutive year at the Summit and is set to become a tradition, reflecting our commitment to fostering the leaders of tomorrow in various fields.

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Data from latest report ABSL Modern Business Services Sector in Poland confirms that the productivity of the modern business services sector is increasing, setting a new direction for its long-term development. In 2023, the sector's estimated contribution to Poland's GDP rose to 5.3 percent, while the value of exports reached $36.8 billion. At the same time, employment in the sector exceeded 457,000 people in the first quarter of this year.

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Business brand of Krakow

The specialized business services sector is today of utmost importance when striving to achieve a high level of economic growth, improve economic potential, and increase competitiveness – on a local, regional, national and international scale. It is based in developing a culture of innovation, extending specialized expertise, and investing in research and development.

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Starting your own business in Poland still requires a lot of paperwork and being up to date with changing regulations. This holds novice entrepreneurs down and disrupts the successful running of their own business.

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Interview with Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice

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Get to Welcome Cocktail in Wieliczka on time by shuttle bus

ABSL Summit participants can reach Wieliczka by shuttle busses

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ABSL Summit 2024 returns to Kraków

From simple transactional tasks to complex knowledge-based processes - the business services sector will tell the story of growth-oriented transformation

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The 23rd Great Dragon Parade, organised by the Groteska Theatre, is just around the corner.

The Great Dragon Parade is one of the highlights of the cultural map of Krakow. Following tradition, dragons take over the city for an entire June weekend. Flying dragons animated on boats are among the main attractions that await you during the breathtaking Great Outdoor Spectacle on the Vistula River.

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Krakow home to innovation and high technology

Krakow is an important business centre and a popular choice for investors; it is also the destination of choice for scientific and research hubs, which can dynamically develop thanks to the potential of Krakow as a scientific centre and thanks to its well-educated, ambitious and creative graduates and specialists. The city provides an appropriate infrastructural and organisational environment, attracting investments from financial institutions, high-tech and life science companies, as well as thriving start-ups.

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The Rt. Hon. Dame Jacinda Ardern to deliver keynote speech at ABSL Summit 2024

ABSL Summit 2024 will take place on June 3-5 in Krakow. The Rt. Hon. Dame Jacinda Ardern, former Prime Minister of New Zealand, will deliver the keynote speech and participate in a conversation sharing her insights on leading in challenging times. Her perspective as a world leader will be particularly relevant in 2024 when, for the first time, more than half the world's population will vote in elections in 76 countries.

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