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Kraków is a European leader in terms of attractiveness for the modern business services sector and, more recently, for research and development centres. It is also a hotbed of investments by financial institutions and high-tech companies, as well as successful start-ups. The BSS sector in Kraków consists of over 280 companies, employing around 100,000 people; we have over 500 technology companies with close to 50,000 IT employees, and we can boast 9,000 IT students out of a total of over 130,000. The excellent workforce – a valuable intellectual resource not only for the creative or life science industries – is Kraków’s prime asset. The city seeks to support the development of a knowledge-based economy and actively cooperates with the business and research community to promote innovation. Kraków also offers friendly and functional public space, high-quality municipal services, and access to a wide range of cultural, sporting and leisure facilities – simply put, it is a great place to live.

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